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Michael Owen Digs a Hole

Michael Owen took to Twitter this morning to rubbish reports that he has dived in the past to win a penalty.

Owen said he was “let down” by the British media and even went as far as saying that headlines like ‘Owen: I dived to win a penalty’ were a disgrace. Which would be true if it weren’t for the fact that the night before Owen did admit to simulating a fall after minimum contact that led to a penalty, which would fit, in most peoples definition, of diving or at the very least conning the ref.

“I’ve earned penalties in 2 World Cups both against Argentina where I was touched yet could have stayed up if I had tried” Owen tweeted last night. So according to Owen he could have stayed on his feet but didn’t, yet he is still struggling to understand why most people see this as diving/simulating.

When you think of divers within the game Michael Owen’s name rarely comes to the forefront of many peoples mind. Most think of Luis Suarez, Ashley Young or Sergio Busquets, but his comments may have changed that fact. He also needs to realise that after admitting he could have stayed on his feet on occasions that most football fans will see him going down as trying to convince the ref to award a penalty, when he should be more focused on trying to stay up and score a goal.

Michael Owen’s defence to going down when touched is something pulled by many forwards, that he simply wanted to aid the ref, but Michael needs to understand that that is not his job and by doing so a referee has every right to wave an appeal away as diving is something that officials are desperate to stamp out of the game.



Is diving ruining the beautiful game?

Unfortunately diving is one of the ugly aspects of the “beautiful game”.  It’s very seldom that you can turn on a match from one of Europe’s major leagues and not see at least one dive during the 90 minutes of play. Who’s to blame? The players? The referees? Well, in my opinion, both.

The offending players seem to play for the “foul”. They go down under the slightest contact (or no contact at all) before dramatically rolling around the pitch as if they have been shot, looking for the decision to go their way. However, referees and their linesman need to carry some of the blame too.  If it wasn’t for the incompetence of these referees would we see these “divers” get away with it as much? Of course not.

Long gone are the days that the Italians were seen as the main offenders. Diving is as much part of the English game as it is the Spanish, Italian and French.  It was only last Sunday that we saw Ashley Young diving to win himself and his team a penalty at Old Trafford. This is the second time Young has been accused of diving in the past couple of weeks. Newcastle’s Ryan Taylor even went as far to say “He’s the biggest cheat in the league. His antics are a joke.” Unfortunately incidents like this aren’t unusual in football anymore.

Ashley Young has been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons lately.

I feel that Football Associations of each country need to take the diving dilemma into their own hands. I for one would like to see bans issued to players who dive even after the game has ended. I honestly think it’s the only way to reduce the amount of incidents of diving in the modern game.

Is diving more common now compared to the 70’s or is there just more cameras now to pick it up?

I’d like to hear your opinions on the matter. Leave them in the comments below.